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This is exactly why you read this link blog: The Simpsons clipped I (and, to be fair, a lot of other people) linked to on January 7, JUST hit the Digg homepage today, more than two months after the fact. And I thought Boing Boing was getting slow.

The concept and problems of The 250 is something I’ve discussed at length with some co-workers, and I’ve always suspected that others were aware of it. But I didn’t realize they had their own title. What I want now is for someone to put together a list. Probably wouldn’t be too hard.

The Flickr-does-video rumor is back.

Mike Rohde’s SXSWi Moleskine sketch notes.

LOST BOYS SEQUEL!!! That’s cool, right?

Esquire looks at this year’s most fucked-up movie, Funny Games.

Not even released, and the iPhone 2.0 firmware update has already been cracked. This is good news for Canadians like me looking to get our hands on the SDK apps.

The 20 biggest record company screw-ups of all time. (via)

YouTube announced its new platform that lets website owners add their own on-site video publishing. RWW breaks down why YouTube is internet sexy again (take that, Twitter!).

Seth Godin on the declining necessity of alphabetical order. I have no idea how to category tag this post.

Posting might be a little slow for the next couple days as I’m on the road to NYC for work.

This might make your brain explode – 280 different TV shows are somehow connected to the fictional universe created for St. Elsewhere, which, as revealed in the final episode, all took place in the mind of an autistic boy named Tommy Westphall.

Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine (of Ask A Ninja fame) are writing and directing a remake of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

If you watch The Wonder Years without the narration, it’s 95% people staring at each other.

More local news: Noisy condo site ruining weekends, neighbours complain. Yeah, no shit. I live half a block from there.

Okay, I saw (and ignored) the Paris Hilton/Guru stories in my feed, thinking it was just another weird thing celebrities do. I do remember it got A LOT of fucking coverage, though. And now, it turns out the whole thing was part of Ashton Kutcher’s new show, Pop Fiction, which baits bloggers and low-brow media into covering fake stories. As much shit as Kutcher takes, the man may actually be a genius, because this is the greatest TV concept I’ve ever heard of.

Half of me is in love with the idea of seeing a sequel to The Last Starfighter. The other half of me wishes Hollywood would leave well enough alone and stop bastardizing my youth for a quick buck. I am torn.

Here’s a list of the winners from SXSW (which I would have posted firsthand had I actually been there, but I’m not bitter… I swear).

This is a brilliant little bit of marketing, Sony BMG organized flash mobs for the 25th anniversary of Thriller.

In addition to updating my WordPress theme over the weekend, I also decided to spend a little time working on my blog profiles on other sites. If you get a chance, favorite me on Technorati (my goal is to break the top 1-million!) or join my community at MyBlogLog. Also, I’ve put together a new superfeed that aggregates this site, my Flickr, Twitter, Last.FM, Digg and other social sites. I have to admit, that may only be appealing to people like my mother, but you never know.

24 hours later, word of the Zuckerberg keynote trainwreck at SXSW won’t die. Decide for yourself – here’s the interview at austin360. And here’s interviewer Sarah Lacy discussing it afterwards. (via)

In local news, right-wing blog The Western Standard (formerly for the now-defunct magazine of the same name) is finally being investigated for some of the blatantly racist and threatening things people post in the comments section (look it up if you want, I’m not linking to it, but the blog is a cesspool of racism, hate and ignorance). Ezra Levant, former publisher of the magazine version, will probably call this an attack on free speech. Douchebag.

A first hand telling of porting Donkey Kong to an Atari system in 1982. Really, it’s no surprise Atari had such a complete and total meltdown. (via)

Wow. Apparently the Zuckerberg keynote at SXSW was a total disaster thanks to interviewer Sarah Lacy.

Michael Chabon waxes philosophical about superhero tights in The New Yorker.

Looks like CBC has decided not to renew JPod, the only CBC show besides Hockey Night in Canada I’ve watched since Mr. Dress Up went off the air. On a related note, my interview with David Kopp is in this month’s Avenue.

For those interested in signing up, the March edition of the Button of the Month Club is now shipping.

Writing what you might call actual “blog posts” was a short lived experiment I tried awhile ago. It didn’t pan out. Part of that was because I was fighting my limited coding skills to get it all into one WordPress blog while still differentiating between my posts and my daily links. Thanks to this new theme (created by Derek Punsalan) and a lot of trial and error adapting it, I think I’ve finally got something that works.

That being said, one of the other major problems with my longer posts was that I never actually wrote the damned things. But, I’m going to be writing a lot more with my recent upgrade to Contributing Editor at Avenue, and my plan is to wedge new posts for this site into my new writing regimen. (Is that the proper use of regimen? My dictionary is unclear.)

Anyway, I’ve got a long list of things I’d like to write – with a little luck, they’ll start showing up here in the next week or so. We’ll see, I guess.

A massive collection of movie props is up for auction. Items include Reeve’s original Superman Costume, Keaton’s Batman suit, Michael J Fox’s jacket from Back to the Future II and hundreds of others.

Danger Mouse is producing the next Beck album, which makes it the greatest album ever made… and it hasn’t even been made yet.