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May 10, 2012

Advertising and “Creativity”

For several years it’s bugged me that the ad industry seems to taken ownership of the word “creative.” This is mostly because I associate the ad industry (which, it seems worth noting, I often work in) with the words “asshole” and “moron” and “assfacefuckwitcuntwhore.” It’s a horrible industry rife with stupid, awful human beings. And Gawker, of all places, fucking nails it by sending Hamilton Nolan—which so sounds like the name of an advertising account director—to something called “Creative Week” in New York.

The bro position was played by Dave Clemans of an agency called Taxi, whose adult frat-boy look and constant stream of empty positive affirmations would have qualified him as the heartthrob counselor at a teen summer camp.

“It comes down to understanding people,” Dave said. “It’s really cool… Steve and I were just rapping about this last night…” Dave said. “I said this before and I really believe it: culture is everything,” Dave said. “If there is any new craft in the industry, innovation is the new craft,” Dave said. “It’s about assembling the right team—the ‘Make It Happen’ people,” Dave said. “Ideas are acorns,” Dave said. “They’re only powerful because that acorn becomes an oak tree.”

“The biggest award I want is my kids’ smiles,” Dave said, before I stopped writing down what Dave said.