April 24, 2012

Clicky Keyboard Snobbery

Every few years discussion about keyboards makes its way around the web. I love it. This time, Shawn Blanc — a recently converted keyboard snob — does an extensive breakdown of the options.

As a computer-nerd-slash-writer, I am always looking and advocating for the right tools. But for years, I have always equated “writing tools” with “software” — I own more text editors than I have fingers to type with — but it never dawned on me until recently that a good keyboard could be equally as important as a good text editor.


For the record, I’ve been on an Apple Extended II for years, though I’ll likely move to a Das once it finally breaks down. My preference for a big, clicky keyboard is simple: I just find them more satisfying to type on (though I do keep an Apple wireless for iPad/iPhone use on the move, because carrying around this monster AEII would just look silly).