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April 5, 2012

Film Criticism and Limited Cultural Discourse

What starts as a get-off-my-lawn-and-turn-down-your-loud-music complaint against the current state of film criticism actually ends up making some pretty notable points about how shallow the web is making us.

When a site’s goal is to satisfy the great sucking maw of the Internet with a constant feed of new items, sourced or unsourced, nothing is around long enough to make an impact. When perpetual turnover is the norm, the shallow, silly, and irrelevant rule.


In many ways, the Web has been a disaster for democracy.


The rigorous division of websites into narrow interests, the attempts of Amazon and Netflix to steer your next purchase based on what you’ve already bought, the ability of Web users to never encounter anything outside of their established political or cultural preferences, and the way technology enables advertisers to identify each potential market and direct advertising to it, all represent the triumph of cultural segregation that is the negation of democracy.