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March 19, 2012

Ethical Council on Blogging and Aggregation

In the midst of all this “curator” stuff, I’ve been ignoring the rise of the Ethical Council on Blogging and Aggregating. Yes, that’s apparently a thing now.

An august list of names has signed on to the effort: David Granger, the editor in chief of Esquire; James Bennet, editor in chief of The Atlantic; and Adam Moss of New York magazine. Of course, all three oversee robust Web sites that do a fair amount of aggregating themselves.

The committee includes digital media natives like Elizabeth Spiers, editor in chief of The New York Observer; Mark Armstrong, a founder of; and Jacob Weisberg, chairman and editor in chief of Slate. All of them believe there is value in looking at what might be called best practices when it comes to linking, summarizing and aggregating.

This is… odd. And mostly just misplaced good intentions. I guess. Or, like the curator thing, maybe it’s just ego. The Gawker response amused me.

The day that I ask the editor of Esquire for a seal of approval on my blogging is the day that I sign a fabulously lucrative contract to write for