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March 6, 2012

I Killed the Internet

This guy may or may not have killed the internet. He also implicates you.

Instead, I felt OK con­tin­u­ing with the use of an app for the Ama­zon Kindle, or one for the Ama­zon MP3 player, or one for Google Cur­rents, or Drop­box, Ever­note, Face­book, Flickr, Foursquare, etc… I felt OK with get­ting only little bits of the web pack­aged in small digestable experi­ences on my mobile. I didn’t ask those same sites to develop an open web ver­sion that would just run on a browser so I could choose which device I would use to access the con­tent and not have to worry whether an app was avail­able for the device.

I didn’t flinch when I had to rein­stall those apps on another device when I switched device. And when I saw a device that didn’t sup­port the app, I didn’t blame the app maker but I blamed the plat­form for fail­ing to sup­port the app maker. I opted for more frag­men­ta­tion in what was avail­able to every­one because I had to have the lat­est shiny toy instead of demand­ing that every­one do the hard thing and work together.